Nicola Hadfields' beautiful outdoors 2010

The idea for a book on gardens came to me whilst I was travelling around the country photographing houses for my previous book, "Beautiful Homes of South Africa".   With this project I got to reaffirm the importance of flow between an interior and its surrounds.

Just think how many of the world's top garden designers began their careers as interior decorators-the late DAVID HICKS for example. As the years went by there was a need for fresh creative ideas, and these designers came to appreciate the importance of enhancing their beautiful room settings by extending them into the surrounds.
Published by Random House Stryke 2010 

Nicola Hadfields' beautiful homes 2009

When I came up with the idea of producing a South Afirca-inspired decor book,  I wanted to include only private homes, belonging to South Africans, believing this would create an authenticity and ensure a sense of being 'proud to be South African'. By keeping this formula, it enabled me to promote South African artists, sculptors and craftspeople.
Published by Random House Stryke 2009