Nicola is frequently asked to speak at various corporate business functions, design award ceremonies, tertiary educational and design institutes.   Based on her entrepreneurial success, she is a popular motivational and inspirational speaker, and continues to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs and aspirant designers with her business and creative achievements.

She often combines both topics into one speaker event - Women in Business and Design Trends.

Following the recent success of her new book, "Beautiful Outdoors" she has extended her talks to encompass gardens.  She observes that harmoniously designed spaces do not have to be defined by four solid walls...."

Decor Trends

Nicola has an uncanny ability to hone in on the essence of international  décor trends.  Coupled with her reputation for taste and style this allows her to sift through ephemeral fashions and identify a style that enhances the specific environment.  She is able to pinpoint what trends will sustain and are worth exploring and what will translate well. Her honest approach is refreshing and unbiased and she peppers her talks with amusing personal anecdotes and a visually inspiring presentation.

Nicola has often been asked to describe her signature design style.  She replies, "I prefer not to be known as a designer with a signature style. Explains Nicola, "I visit many of the decor nerve centres of the world and get to appreciate the different styles, especially when I spend time in my favourite country, France.  I like to be fluid and appreciate all forms of artistic design. The environment should dictate which design road to pursue.

"I know what I don't like though" she smiles.  Predictability, safe perfection, mixy matchy where the soul of a room goes missing. I avoid frills, clutter, over done and over filled interiors as well as the standard basic colour palette, opting more for hues tones and mixing textures.  I lean towards simplicity these days and it goes without saying quality.  I appreciate good original art pieces to show up in a room setting and to use clean lines and very comfortable furniture.  A room should welcome you, make you feel a sense of happiness when entering, even if its in your sub-conscious."

"... designing a way living that is a unique expression of ourselves is all about creating beautiful spaces that delight the senses and touch the soul"